Vastu and Astrology

D4 Varga chakra explains the details of the nature of the property suitable to the Native D4 should be read along with the D1 chart.

Understanding Vasthu

General Principles The design regime for the Vastu architect follows specific parameters: Orientation and siting considerationsBuilding Layout with regard to a grid called “Vastu Purusha Mandala”Dimensioning with regard to the client¹s birth timeExterior door locationsBrahmastanRoom PlacementHeightVaastu Purusha

Vasthu is becoming Vaasthu

“Space is the fundamental source and energy for all things, for their origination and for their existence. This important scientific concept, the tradition of Vaastu has been holding with it from the Vedic period and, in fact, from the period even prior to Vedic times.

Temple Architecture

Our people have revered and nurtured from time immemorial five forms of graphic art: music, dancing, sculpture, and architecture- – as basic art forms.

Temple gopuram

Temple Gopuram or the access to the temple represents the feet of the divinity. A devotee bows at the feet of the Lord at the entry as he steps into the temple and proceed towards the chamber, leaving behind the world of contradiction.

Hindu Temple Architecture and Human Body structure

Temples are an integral part of Hindu way of life, and with majority of population being that of Hindu in India, there are on a rough estimate more than 13 lakhs small or big temples in India.

Graha Pravesham

Graha Pravesham puja Ritual is done before entering into a new house for living. It is is a cleansing process with Vedic Mantra for a peaceful, Happy and Prosperous Living.

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