Graha Pravesham

Graha Pravesham puja Ritual is done before entering into a new house for living. It is is a cleansing process with Vedic Mantra for a peaceful, Happy and Prosperous Living.

It can be done before moving into a new house

It is done to clear the Dosham created during the construction process, Dosham attracted by the materials used

Graha Pravesha Muhurtham date should be fixed compatible to the Birth star of the Owner’s female counter part.

Lighting of the Lamp

The rituals conducted during the Graha Pravesham puja are…

Drawing of Ganapati Mandala, Navagraha Mandala and Vaasthu Mandala

Ganapati Prarthana and Sankalpa Puja

Kalasa Prathishta and invoking the Gods in the Varuna Kalasa

Gho puja and Gho Pravesham

Ganapati Homam by chanting Ganapati Mantra with Ahuthy

Navagraha Homam. Chanting Navagraha Mantra and Navagraha Gayathri with Ahuthy

Vasthu Homam

Boiling of Milk in a new vessel


Sprinkling of the Holy Water in the premises

Honouring the priests and the Workers involved in the construction

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