Vasthu:- India, the land of Karma, in Sanskrit it is called as “Karma Bhoomi” or “Karma Bhumi”, ancient literature contains the more information about Palaces, forts, city called to be as Nagars or Raja Praasadhas and House planning. In olden days agriculture is the main source of Income and it’s an official occupation of earlier civilization.

In India, agriculture was considered to be the most respectable and dependable profession or major occupation. The vasthu principles thus need to be adapted in the modern context, where the focus has shifted from agriculture to Industrial and commercial establishments as a major source of earning the families.

In the modern text, it is important to understand the essence of this Vastu Shastra science and its fundamental principles. This subject takes into cognizance the various energies around us and helps in bringing a balance between our inner and outer spaces.

This subject becomes slowly an integral part of modern architecture. Our ancient sages arrived at certain basic thumb rules that defined the comfort, prosperity, contentment and happiness of the residents of the Home based on Vastu structures.